Orlando Bailliage Board of Directors

Bailli:   Muriel Uttal

In charge of all activities of the Bailliage, working with an appointed Board of Director.  Responsible for the control of all business affairs and the ultimate success of events.  Represents the Bailliage as a Member of the National Council.

Vice Chancelier-Argentier:   Robert Uttal

The Vice President and Treasurer of the Bailliage, who acts in the place and stead of the Bailli, handles the Bailliage treasury and is responsible for the maintenance of the Bailliage books and accounts.

Vice Conseiller Culinaire:   Joe Hardiman

In charge of realization of dinners, its ambiance, décor, decorations and menu, in consultation with the Bailli, the Vice Conseiller Gastronomique and the Vice Échanson.  Coordinates the activities of the other professional members of the Bailliage.

Vice Echanson:   Tim Varan

In charge of activities, functions and administration relating to the Société Mondiale du Vin.  Assists in selection of wines for all Bailliage functions.

Vice Conseiller Gastronomeque:  Paul Manos

Responsible for the planning of the menu, the choice of wines and coordinating Bailliage events. Consults with the Bailli, the Vice Conseiller-Culinaire and the Vice Échanson.

Vice Chargé de Missions:   Bill Trippler

In charge of special functions or assignments as may be delegated by the Bailli.  Involved in the development of the Bailliage policies and procedures.

Vice Chargée de Presse:   F. Imogene White

In charge of public relations and the communication of Bailliage events to Society publications and communicates with the Regional Chargés de Presse.  Provides reports of the Bailliage’s activities, with photographs, for possible inclusion in the National Bailliage’s publication, Gastronome.